ACA Guideline for Employees

When will I be offered insurance?
The ACA requires that Tews Company offer qualifying group health insurance to all full-time employees (those who average 30 or more of service per week) beginning December 1, 2015. Tews Company will offer all such employees coverage effective as of that date.

Who will be eligible?
Beginning December 1, 2015, any employee on a long-term contract (6 months or longer) with the same client will be eligible for plan coverage after satisfying the plan’s standard 90-day waiting period.

Individuals working shorter assignments with several clients will be eligible for group health insurance once they have worked for Tews Company for 1,200 cumulative hours and then have satisfied the plan’s 90-day waiting period – but no new hire will have to wait longer than 13 months to begin coverage.

What if my status changes with Tews Company and I am on the Tews Company insurance?
To maintain your healthcare benefits, you must be actively employed through Tews Company. Tews Company will suspend benefits if you are not on assignment. When you return to an assignment your benefits will be reinstated immediately unless your break in employment service is four (4) weeks or longer AND exceeds the length of your actual pre-break assignment. In this case, you would be considered a new employee and would be subject to a new 90-day plan waiting period.